1. Artist Manfred Kielnhofer
Paper Tube Chair - Sessel aus Kartonrohren
Möbel aus Papier
Selbst der kleine Post-it-Zettel war einmal Teil eines Baums. Doch in seiner üblichen Verwendung denken wir meist nicht an die Herkunft de
paper tube chair - made of cardboard tubes - art / design chair - 4000Euro The environment friendly paper tube chair. Enjoy the environment friendly paper chair that is made from your recycled newspapers. The cardboard chairs were made in 2002 and since them have been used in Artpark and for various events. The attached photo is a recent one. The paper chair has retained the same good condition since its production. The chairs are made from used cardboard tubes. The tubes are made from recycled paper. I am planning a small social production project with disadvantaged and unemployed people in the next few years. Because the raw material, which used recycled cardboard tubes are available for free, and the production of chairs is very simple. I want to win a few more galleries and a furniture manufacturer for the professional market. It will be a project that stands on three pillars. Art, people and environment. It is important to me to take the case of cane chairs in the art market on foot. This means that perfectly matches the quality, durability and design. Thus, a demand is created and creates a firmer price. It should be a “People” project for a long time. Artist Manfred Kielnhofer

Last updated: Dec 2, 2015